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If you are facing murder or reckless homicide charges, call Sandra L. Byrd in Chicago, Illinois. Sandi is committed to fighting tough circumstances and is ready to stand by your side. Attorney Sandra L. Byrd will carefully explain what you are facing and share a plan for obtaining justice in your unique situation. Sandi has a track record of success in difficult, serious cases and will use that experience to obtain the best result possible in your case.

Understanding Murder and Reckless Homicide

Murder is committed when a person kills another person without lawful justification. Among crimes, murder is the most serious offense a person can be charged with. Homicide refers to the killing of another person, but all homicides are not necessarily murder. The deciding factor is the interpretation of the intent behind the killing.

According to Illinois law, first degree murder is committed when a death occurs at the hands of someone who intends to kill or cause great bodily harm to another or knows such acts will cause death to the other person. Murder can also occur when a person knows their actions create a strong probability that death to another will occur or if death occurs while committing a forcible felony. This is called felony murder. By contrast, Illinois law explains that reckless homicide does not involve intent. Reckless homicide, often charged in fatal DUI accidents, occurs when a person kills another person through the reckless handling of a vehicle such as a car, all-terrain vehicle or watercraft. A person also commits reckless homicide when he or she unintentionally kills another person while operating a vehicle on inclined terrain that causes a vehicle to become airborne.

Consequences for Murder and Reckless Homicide Convictions

The minimum sentence someone convicted of murder can receive is a 20-year sentence in prison. The maximum sentence is 60 years. However, if certain aggravating factors are present, someone convicted of murder can face up to life in prison. Illinois no longer imposes the death penalty for murder convictions. A person must serve 100% of any sentence imposed for murder. In most instances, reckless homicide is a Class 3 felony. However, if certain aggravating factors are present, Reckless Homicide can be a Class 2 felony. Because the consequences for murder and reckless homicide are so serious the need for an aggressive defense is a must. Attorney Sandra L. Byrd is an experienced trial attorney in murder and reckless homicide cases. Her work begins long before a trial date is set. Ms. Byrd will conduct thorough discovery, work with an investigative team when necessary to determine the facts and pursue every avenue to protect your freedom.

If you have been charged with murder or reckless homicide, contact Sandra L. Byrd today for a free initial consultation. She will listen to your story and answer questions you may have. From her Chicago, Illinois office, she serves clients in Cook County, Chicagoland and beyond. Call (312) 928-1000 today.

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