Cook County, Illinois Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Sandra L. Byrd in Chicago, Illinois is a criminal defense attorney who represents many defendants accused of domestic violence. Attorney Sandra L. Byrd understands the consequences of a domestic violence conviction and will work diligently to obtain justice in each aspect of the situation you are facing. If you have been charged in a domestic violence situation, you need an attorney who is experienced with domestic violence laws in Illinois.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is any physical abuse, harassment, intimidation or intentional deprivation of personal freedoms committed by family or household members. According to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 (750 ILCS 60), some domestic relationships include:

  • Spouses and former spouses
  • Parents, children and stepchildren
  • Those related by blood or marriage
  • Those who share a blood relationship through a child
  • Disabled persons and their caregivers
  • Those who are dating or engaged
  • Current or former roommates

Anyone in such relationships accused of battery against another person in that relationship could be charged with a domestic battery. If convicted, the consequences of such charges could cause a ripple effect that could affect fundamentally important areas of your life such as employment, child custody and the right to own a firearm.

Experienced Help for the Accused

If you have a previous record for a domestic violence related crime, the consequences of a domestic violence charge can be significantly increased and even result in a felony. The impact of having a felony on your record is far-reaching. It is in your best interest to fight against a conviction and Attorney Sandra L. Byrd has the knowledge and experience to defend your rights and your future. When preparing a defense she will analyze:

  • The circumstances of your arrest
  • The details of the domestic event
  • Evidence collection procedures
  • Possible rights violations

A domestic violence charge can affect your child custody and visitation rights especially if you have an Order of Protection against you. Ms. Byrd will fight for justice on your behalf and make sure that you understand your options every step of the way.

If you were arrested for a domestic violence offense, or need representation to challenge the terms of an Order of Protection, contact Sandra L. Byrd today for a free initial consultation. She will listen to you and answer questions you may have. From her Chicago, Illinois office, she serves clients in Cook County, Chicagoland and beyond. Call (312) 928-1000 today.

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